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Womens Workout Routines


Ways in Which Womens Workout Routines Vary From Men’s Routines

Womens Workout RoutinesThere are a number of great womens workout routines to choose from these days. No matter whether one wishes to use floor exercises, weights, aerobics classes, track running or various types of exercise equipment to work out, there are a number of routines to use in order to achieve maximum results in the way of weight loss, toning and promoting overall health.


Some may find it hard to believe but there are certain exercises which benefit men and others which benefit women. The following will describe some examples of the ways in which workout routines for women will differ from those which are geared towards men.



Focus on Certain Areas of the Body

Although men and women both may use similar workout machines and various forms of exercise, the womens routines will often vary from the men’s and vice versa by working certain portions of the body specifically based on gender. For example, many women find that their thighs and stomach are trouble portions of the body with regard to needing extra toning and weight loss whereas men may have weight gain problems with a different portion of their stomach and side areas. Different exercises will be used to work certain areas on the body depending on whether the individual working out is a man or a woman.



Flexibility Factors

Women’s workout routines will often differ from men’s exercise routines in that the women’s exercise program will often deal with flexibility issues. Since women are often more flexible than men, the exercise programs which they use are often better suited to promoting flexibility in women than in men. Different types of stretches will often be better accomplished by women in certain cases due to the flexibility ability which many women possess as opposed to their male counterparts who may not be as flexible as some women may.



Womens Workouts Tend to Be More Fun Spirited in Nature

It can also be said that women’s exercise routines, whether aerobics classes, spinning classes or some other type of exercise program, are more fun spirited in nature than those which are tailored towards men. Since men are often in the exercise program to get a good workout, relieve stress, etc. they may not be as interested in having fun with their exercise program as women are. Many women join gyms and exercise classes not only to get in shape but also to have fun and meet others who enjoy exercising as well.



Pregnancy Workout Routines

An additional way in which women’s exercise programs can differ from men’s workout routines is with regard to prenatal workout classes. Since men cannot really benefit from pregnancy workout routines as they are best suited to women who are pregnant, this is another way that certain women’s exercise routines will vary from men’s programs. This type of program focuses on promoting the best overall health and exercise program for a woman who is pregnant and this is just one other example of womens workout routines which vary from men’s exercise routines.

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